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Essex Dip Hydrographics is an hydro dipping, water transfer printing company based in Essex. Our hydro dipping facility is capable of water transfer printing on a wide range of objects varying in size and materials.

“From cars, ATV’s, and other types of autos, we hydro-dip interiors and exteriors such as wheels, grills, bumpers, steering wheels, gearshifts and any type of Plastic/Metal parts.”

Carbon Dipped
From Wood Finish Then Processed And Finished In Carbon
Range Rover Supercharged Engine Cover Dipped in Carbon Fiber
IN: Plain Black Chain Guard
OUT: Fresh and Your own Touch of Class
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Revamp Your interior Touch of Carbon
Audi TT
Engine Bay Plastics In Gloss Carbon
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These are the result of letting us free to do what we want . After a colour choice from you , a total one off custom paint mix
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Want your interior to look how you want it to look You dont have to have back or silver carbon you know
Ford Mustang
Colour Matched base coat, And a Dark Twill Weave
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If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch

At the center of our business is professional Hydrographics. 3D Hydrographic printing is a method of applying printed designs on to pre-sprayed 3 dimensional objects, it is also known as water transfer printing, carbon dipping, camo dipping, hydrographics, cubic printing and custom dipping.

It is also less commonly referred to as immersion printing, liquid printing, curve coating, cubic printing or 3D printing. Why not take the next step and get Carbon Dipping In Essex style now!

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