Suitable for Wood, Plastic, Metal and Glass,
Whether you’re dreaming of a custom engine cover or a custom camo stock, Essex Dip can customise your gear. Our water transfer process makes it easy to print designs like carbon dipping on almost any 3D item – including wood, plastic,and metal objects.


Not only can you choose from hundreds of world-class hydrographics films, you can customise even further. By combining your chosen design with custom painted basecoats and colours – and then mixing up the paints – you’ll get a true one-of-a-kind item


1. Design. Choose your favourite hydro graphic print from a wide range of designs.

2.Colour. Talk to us about painting one or more colours to undercoat your design. Depending on your choice of hydro graphic print, the painted undercoat will show through the design. By combining colours and painting effects, we’ll create the unique look you’re after.

3.Tell us where you’d like to place your print. Depending on the gear, we may be able to “section off” parts of the item, printing specific pieces, rather than printing the entire thing.


Water Transfer Printing offers a high-quality, durable finish. If treated with proper care, the printed graphic artwork should last indefinitely