Why should I choose water transfer printing over air-brushing or vinyl wrapping?

While each technology suits a different purpose, water transfer printing (also called hydro dipping) is perfect for a wide range of items. Here’s why:

Heat resistant custom parts… unlike vinyl wrapped items, our finished products are heat resistant. This makes it possible to fully customise engine parts, ATV and bike parts.
Affordable, one-of-a-kind items… unlike air-brushing, you won’t need to pay an expensive air-brush artist to get the unique look you’re after, but you’ll still get a unique look unlike any other.
Superior glass-look finish… every Hydro Designs project is finished in hard-wearing gloss paint. Compared to vinyl wraps, our glossy hydro-dipped designs are a clear winner.

How should I ship my items to you?

You can ship your items by post or by courier. Please ensure your items are properly wrapped and protected. You might also consider purchasing postage insurance and tracking to guard against losing your item in the post.

What materials can be printed on?

We can print designs on almost any 3D item – including wood, plastic, glass and metal objects. Items should be non-porous. As a rule of thumb, if it can be painted, we can dip it.

Will you disassemble my item for me?

In most cases, no. We prefer you to disassemble your own item, clean the parts and ship them to us ready for decorating. If you require assistance disassembling your item, please call us to discuss further

How tough is the finish?

How tough is the finish?

Hydrographic printing produces a surprisingly tough finish. The final product is heat-resistant, mold resistant, water-resistant and more. Your item will withstand sun, rain and wind and general use.